Tiny's Catfishing Photos April 2, 2014

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Fished with some Kaw Locals today and had a good day of fishing. On this trip I started out the day by informing them that if they want me to help them with mistakes or give them general information in order to help them get more fish into the boat then they'll have to ask for it as I got accused of what they called "chewing ass" when I was trying to help them get more fish in the boat by telling them what I felt was the wrong way to do things like setting the hook using circle hooks and then I'd explain why and how they work better if you just reel instead of setting the hook or helping them with fighting the fish technique ... like I've done a thousand times before so from now on I'm starting the trip with a little dialogue that explains that I try to help folks put more fish in the boat by explaining things and that's the only way it's meant and not "chewing ass" and if anyone's felt that I've chewed their ass in the past then I want you to know that I consider myself more of a teacher than anything and I do the learning trips more than anything and sometimes I tend to do the learning trips when not even asked to do so but all I'm trying to do is help folks get more fish in the boat and I'm not talking down to anyone but simple stuff like setting a circle hook needs to be corrected else I'm not really doing my job. So like I said I'm going to start out all my trips from now on with a little dialogue before hand to let folks know that I'm here to help and trying to get them as many fish in the boat as possible and that's all ... if anyone's taken it as "ass chewing" then I deeply apologize because that is never my intent.

Anyhow, Back to fishing now. That is if I can get this web editor to save ... it works sometimes and a lot of times it don't when I add photos to the page it craps out on me then deletes the whole page I've worked on for ever. hahaha. We caught quite a few fish and these guys were very conservation minded as they wanted to turn back everything over about 8 lbs or so and only kept smaller sized fish. We caught lots of bigguns and I don't remember how many bigguns we caught that I didn't get a pic of but it was a few. Brothers John and Jerry with John's boys Damon and Dustin were out with me today as they just moved to Kaw City and wanted to kind of learn the lake and stuff so we did a learning trip. Had lots of fun but was kinda gunshy to say anything hahaha as I spoke to these guys the exact same way I spoke to the fellers what took offense and I was able to quit walking on egg shells after a while. hehehe.

Damon with the first fish of the day and the biggun of the day at 27 lbs 4oz

John with with a nice one of 17 lbs

Damon with another nice one at 20 lb 2 oz

Dustin with one at 13 lbs

John with another nice one 21 lbs 2 oz