Tiny's Catfishing Photos April 4, 2015

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Fished Keystone today with Mike Carman and his Uncle Bob and Cousin Tony, and had a pretty stellar day catching around 300 lbs of fish. 39 total fish and  the largest was 24, 15 and a 16. We caught a couple of doubles and they kept coming in fairly quickly. We had great weather to boot. Lots of fun listening to Bob and his Uber wisdom. hahaha. Lots of harassment goin on too. Ole Tony picked up the biggun and broke my new net too ... it was a shock to my system as I didn't know whether to cry, crap or go blind as I'd just gotten it yesterday from Academy. I seen that Tony was even more distraught than I so I assured him it was okay but I'd have liked to gotten at least 24 hours out of that $50 dip net hahaha. It's as good as new now though as I got home and pulled the broken pieces out of the handle and cut the ends off smooth and inserted it back into the handle  then drilled the new holes out and put the screws back in ... looks like it was never broken now.  I had a little fun with him after ... I picked the price tag up off the floor and pointed then cried a few tears pointing out the price to Tony hahaha. Kinda hadda been there but it was funny for all. I'd already explained to him that it was an easy fix and it was my fault anyhow by not explaining that we shouldn't net anything over like 8 lbs with it as it's not heavy duty enough for 24 lb'rs. Was kinda amazing that he got that thing in that little bitty net anyhow. LOL.

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