April 5, 2004 Keystone Dam Catfishing

Went fishin with Sandbasser (Cory) from kingfisher, OK. and his father Schoonie (Ron) from Bartlesville. We had a great day fishin and caught a few nice ones even though shad were few and far between ... seemed like a pretty tough day but we broke down and used some cut carp for bait and didn't take long to land these fish here and then it seemed like the fish just didn't want anything else ... had a few bites after that but we never stuck none ... caught some smaller fish that we didn't photograph too ... made for a nice day fishin and a nice mess of fish.

They'd shut the sluice gates off early this morning and I'd went to get some more suitable hooks for fishing in floodwater situations but by the time I'd gotten to the dam all the sluice gates had been shut off. This usually means that fishing is going to be horrible for a few days but it just made it a little tougher is all we threw and threw for shad but only got a few and I netted a carp so we used that for bait ... seems like that's what they wanted because we started catching fish and the first two we caught on the carp was pretty good ones ... the top two photos and it seemed like we was gonna tear um up but they slacked off .. I think we ended up with a total score of 6 fish not counting the little bitty ones we'd caught on shad. Schoonie with a nice blue.
Sandbasser shown here with one that he landed. both these top fish were between 10 and 15 lbs