Keystone Catfishing April 5, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Ramiro, Marvin and Ray today. Weather was great ... fish were biting ... couldn't have asked for anything more but we sure got a lot more as it was unexpectedly fun today with Tiny trying to speak Spanish and do some of my same stuff I do out there in English and since these guys were Latino it was cool to get to speak some but they wasn't quite ready for it when it busted loose ... I caught shad in just three throws of the net this morning and I said "well ... I guess that just leaves one question to be answered ... they said ... what's that? and I replied "quien es su Papa????" (who's ya daddy?) everyone just busted out laughing cause they wasn't really expecting un gringo such as ole Tiny to crack a joke right off the bat in my busted Spanish. hahaha. Then later on in the day I asked Ramiro how many fish we had in the livewell or how many he could see ... I told Marvin to watch this right before I asked him ... he said all I can see is two ... two bigguns ... I said no ... really ... how many can you see ... so he bends down and starts looking real intently and shwoosh ... I turned the livewell pump on and it made him jump back and Marvin and I were about to roll around in the back of that boat busting a gut when we seen Ramiro jump backerds ... hahaha. Seems like Tiny's routines is much funnier too when he's trying to convert it all into spanish hahaha ... it was a real blast. I forgot to count how many we caught today but it was quite a few with one striper in the bunch. We missed probably twice as many as we caught due to the fish just biting and letting go. I had all kinds of hooks tied on at one point and none of them seemed to catch fish too well today. oh well ... we ended up with a really nice mess of fish ... I guess it's a good thing we didn't catch all that bit else Tiny would still be out there cleaning fish. hahaha. Thanks guys ... it was a really fun trip.

Ramiro with a nice one

Here's today's catch with all the guys ... left to right, Marvin, Ray and Ramiro