April 6, 2004 Keystone Dam Catfishing

I evidently had a bad day as everyone was catching fish all around me and I couldn't stick nuttin ... I think I contributed one of the smaller fish on the stringer in the first photo but that was it I think. I redeemed myself by hooking the 11 lb 7 oz blue in the last photo but then when I started reeling in I had to get chris to get him in for me as I was pretty sore. thanks chris. Russel was schooling us today using cut buffalo he caught the 19 lb 13 oz blue first then a 20 right behind that one and then another biggun that he threw back before we weighed it. I was jealous as all git out hahaha. Nice goin Russell .. ain't no joke though ... he was smokin um ... then chris came down and landed the 18 lb 2 oz blue ... chris allowed that it was my www.catfishin.net shirt what was causing me to not catch any fish ... I think he's right ... I ain't wearin it again. Sandbasser with a nice stringer of blues and a channel.
Russel "Thah Man" with his first biggun
Chris in usual form with a biggun here ... he's been makin me look bad fer a while so I'm used to him doin it to me.
Bout now is when tiny be talkin in the third person ... Russell be smokin us now.
My paultry catch of the day ... shameful isn't it.