April 6, 2005 Keystone Catfishing

Went out to bait some areas so that I could catch some carp and buffalo for bait without too much trouble and seen some birds workin hard up the arkansas river arm of keystone ... I had my fishin poles and throw net but didn't have my big bait well with me but thought I'd go ahead and hit it and see if them birds wasn't lieing to me. I went up in the cove northwest of cowskin bay and caught shad then went back to the birds and threw one out. when I threw out the shock line knot hung and birdnested my reel. it also broke the line so I was hanging onto the shock line and tryin to get the bird nest out which wasn't all that bad. before I got the birdnest out and fish hit the line that I was hanging onto ... put the rod down and handlined an 8 lb blue into the boat ... I got the rod rigged back up but left the shock line off it and threw back out and got another one about 15 lbs before I could get the second pole out ... then I went ahead and rigged up two more poles and it wasn't necessary cause I couldn't keep up with two poles ... caught around 35 fish and about 12 were between 15 and 25 lbs ... didn't have my camera with me cause I wasn't planning on fishing but I brought some smaller ones home. I jammed my knee real good trying to step up on the front deck with nothing to hang onto and fell back down and now I'm trying to figure out how I'm goin to clean those fish ... can't hardly stand up now and ain't figured out how I'm going to get the fish cleaned either. I made a few calls to neighbors but no one's home so I'm hoping this pain meds will allow me to get back out there and get the fish taken care of.

Overcast skies and then got rained out after about two hours of fishing.

water temp was 61 degrees and muddy

bait was cut shad

hooks were gamakatsu wide gap octupus that I'd offset with pliers

rods bps muskie graphite series
penn 209's spooled with 25 lb stren high impact
Tiny's Guide Service
live well was full ... average about 6 lbs