Keystone Catfishing April 6, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Mitch, Glenn and J.D. came and fish with ole Tiny today. We had a pretty good day but when the wind switched out of the north they seemed to shut off as we didn't catch another fish after it switched. We did pretty good up until then though. The weather was perfect all except for the wind getting up later on in the day. We started out and right off the bat we missed a good hit so after the last couple of days of missing a lot of fish I decided to change out the rigs to treble hook rigs and we didn't miss any after that. Still lots of flood water in the lake as it's way above normal and everyone we spoke with couldn't find shad ... we caught shad pretty easy this morning and I helped the folks live close to there catch some as well. then we were off to go fishin. It didn't take long before we were hooked up with our first fish and ole J.D. put a whuppin on a nice 7+ blue right off the bat. They all had a wager on the biggest fish and J.D. had a wager with Mitch that if he caught the biggest fish then Mitch would have to watch him play video games for an hour a day and if Mitch won then J.D. had to give Mitch a back rub and foot massage for a week. then Glenn got into the wager also and he wanted push-ups ... if he caught the biggest then the others would have to do 25 push-ups or Mitch would ..J.D. just five push-ups and Mitch was leading the day with the 13 lb'r for about 3/4 of the day and then Glenn caught the 15.14 so Glenn ended up winning and J.D. did his five push-ups and then Mitch explained to J.D. that he actually lost two bets cause Mitch caught one bigger than his so he gets the back rubbin too and then Mitch was saying something about the loss and I said well it's okay Mitch ... when you get done with the 25 push-ups then you can get J.D. to give ya the back rub and that'll fix ya right up good as new hahaha. Now ole J.D. was a little upset and I didn't know why but then it was revealed as J.D. got an allowance for back-rubs each time but then when he asked if he got paid for these back rubs he owed and found out that he didn't then he was torqued up and allowed that he shoulda stayed home. hahaha It's okay J.D. ... I'll bet ole Mitch will go ahead and reward ya anyhow.

J.D. with a 7+ blue

Here's a double that Mitch and Glenn caught

Mitch with a 13 lb blue

Glenn with the biggun of the day at 15 lbs 14 oz

Here's the prize catch of the day. J.D. with a whopper ...
bout turned the boat over gettin it in the boat. hahaha