Keystone Catfishing April 7, 2012

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Fished with Darrell Alfred and his Bro-in-law Mike from up Kansas City. We started off pretty well and then lightning ran us off. When we went back out the wind shifted out of the east and made fishing pretty tough but we still managed to catch 14 total today. Biggest blue was caught by Mike and He was partying, Whoopin' and hollerin' and having a great after-party and then I said hey Mike ... you do know that we have to turn back all fish over 30 inches don't ya? Naaawwww ... really? . yep ... sure do and then he remembered Darrell mentioning something about that the day before but didn't remember the part about being able to keep one over 30 inches. So ole Tiny had him right where he wanted him .. he almost started to cry and then he said "who would make up a stupid rule like that ... that just ain't made no sense whatsoever!!! aaawww maaannn .. I can't believe it!!! and then we got photos of the fish and I said okay .. time to release him .. and I looked at Mike and he seemed to come to grips with the reality that he was fixin to lose his biggest fish he'd ever caught. I then said ... open that livewell so I can release him ... he looked at me kind of bewildered and then realized I'd been pullin' his leg and then he was so happy he had an asthma attack and I bout freaked out cause he whipped out the albuterol inhaler  and started puffin on that thing and it scared me a little bit cause I thought "oh no ... my screwing with folks has backfired on me and I've just killed my first human being" but then he got a little better and breathed a sigh of relief when he seen and admired his biggun in the livewell ... we all laughed our arses off after the dust settled ... ahahaha.

Mike with the first nice one of the day at 9 or 10 lbs

Mike's 18 lb'r

Darrell snagged this little 24 lb spoony with a circle hook. first time I'd ever seen that happen