April 9, 2004 Keystone Dam Catfishing

We got rained out today but had a good time anyhow ... got some photos here of my new fishin buddies. This is my buddy Riley. Nickname is "Whomp" and he was in the process of showing me how to slide down that rail. I told him I couldn't do that and he allowed that I was too big fer rail slidin....but he was gonna show me how anyhow, I guess it was for future reference in case someone else might be interested in knowing the finer arts of rail sliding... he was an expert at it too. This photo got me tickled cause his daddy sed say cheese and he did and I didn't get the picture snapped just then and his daddy sed say cheese again ... he sed I already did! So we couldn't get two cheeses outta him. hehehe.
This is "Whomp's older brother Braden with a nice bluecat he caught.