Keystone Catfishing April 9, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Went fishing with the Mallinger family today or part of them. It was a really great time and Jo Lynn caught the two biggest fish and the most I think as she put a pretty bad whuppin on the fellers today. It was a great day for woman-kind. The guys couldn't negotiate the circle hooks too well it seemed like as they were having a hard time hooking up but Jo Lynn I don't think missed but maybe one or two all day. I ain't sure how many fish was caught but it was quite a few. Cut shad and bluegill were used and the fish were on the move and it was a little tough to stay up with them but we done alright. I went by the store on 48 highway and the lady working there said when I walked in that "they weren't biting was they!" I said they were biting okay ... she allowed how there was a bunch of people that came in today and said no one was catching anything and couldn't find the fish .. I said we caught over 20 I think. wasn't any real bigguns but they were pretty nice fish.

Jo Lynn with her 10 lb 6oz Mississippi WHAAAyyUUUTTTT!

Here's Jo Lynn again with another Mississippi WhAAAyyUUUTTTT

Here's the whole crew with a bunch of Mississippi WhAAAyyUUUTTTTs and Mississippi Grreeeeennnnssss. From left to right we have Jo Lynn, Dean, Randy and Joey Mallinger.