Keystone Catfishing April 10, 2010

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Fished with the Walter family today. Had a great time with a great family. Bill Sr. Bill Jr. and William III along with Deandre. We worked all over the lake and couldn't find any willing bluecat so I went after the channelcat until we caught a mess of fish and then went back to see if we could catch some blues out where we'd caught the 26 and 21 lb'r the other day and the gamble paid off as the last hour we caught two nice blues to cap off the mess of channelcat we'd caught .. somewhere between 18 to 20 fish was what we ended up with, with the biggest being 15 lbs.

William III with the first fish of the day ... about a 2 lb hybrid

Then his dad caught this nice 7 lb blue but it was on Trey's turn

Then Trey landed this 15 lb'r ... biggun of the day