Keystone Catfishing April 10, 2011

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Fished with Todd and his father, Tom and their buddy, Brian A.K.A "Black Cloud" Ya'll remember Black Cloud ... right? He gathered up that nickname from his fishin buddys what allowed that was his name from then on cause when he went they never caught any fish like there was this little black cloud following him around. I'm guessing that's the way it went anyhow. Last time they caught a lot of fish so the title was in question then and today he set a new overall boat record of 84 lbs spoonbill using my wife's sandbass pole .. I tied on a 10/0 treble hook and used that for the snagging pole ... took them forever to get the fish in. hahaha a good sized sandbass is kinda hard to reel in with that outfit so I asked him what he was going to do with that nickname since it clearly no longer fit him. hahaha. We had another big spoonie on and ole Black Cloud goosed him with the net and got the hook hung in the landing net ... barbless hooks don't hold them too good when they're hung in the landing net and you goose um with the net from behind ... that dude took off like a rocket ... Ole Black Cloud caught all kinds of static over that cause poor Todd had reeled on that sucker forever and his arms was plum worn out and getting numb. These guys allowed today that they'd turn the bigguns back if I would put them on some bigguns so that's what we did ... caught several around 15 lbs and a 20 and 25 lb'rs. Had to turn 3 bigguns back all together.

Tom with the first nice one at 16 lb's

Then another at 13 lbs

Then Tom caught the 20 lb'r

Then todd got the 25

Brian the Black Cloud with his first nice one 11 lbs

Todd in an action shot on the first spoonie.

Then we landed the 84 lb'r