Keystone Catfishing April 11, 2009

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Fished with Two father and son teams today. Father Richard and son Rusty along with Father Mike and son Caleb. It was a pretty slow day as ole Tiny had to work his butt off to get fish to bite ... had to find close to 20 fish in one spot before we could catch any so they were a little put off due to the front. We had a young man out there today, Caleb what was wired for a AAA battery but I'll swan if he wasn't plugged into a 220 socket. He drank a couple of energy drinks and then loaded up with Coke after that and he was bouncing off the gunwales and talkin like R2D2 .. beep clank bip deep clunk tweet. I couldn't understand anything he said most of the day ... I finally got him to hush fer a minute and I said ... do ... you ... see ... how ... fast ... I'm ... talking? he beeps in acknowledgement or affirmation and I said ... that's ... also ... how ... fast ... I ... listen. hahaha ... it was a lot of fun messing with him today. I messed with him in about every way I could also. was a lot of fun but I think I was annoying the grown-ups as much or more than Caleb was ... Caleb also had this OCD deal about asking what time it was ... about every 5 datburned minutes ... hahahaha ... his dad Mike would say .. it's five minutes later than the last time you asked. hahaha. It was funny ... well ... it was funny about the first hunerd times hahaha. We caught so many fish over 10 lbs that I plum forgot who caught the biggest one ... I think it was Mike at 13+ but not sure.

Rusty and his dad Richard on a double

Richard with a nice one
Notice them catfish grippers .. them dadburned things are about as handy as they can be when handling fish in a boat
They're made by Team Catfish

Richard with another nice one

Caleb and Mike with the biggun of the day, I think. Caleb holding it up but Mike caught this one

Rusty with a nice one 11+

Rusty and Caleb with a double ... shoulda seen the scirmish these two was in
Both fish took off side by side and close to the boat so rods and fish were goin everywhere right now and in a hurry

They kept 13 .. I think they released about 3 or 4 that were around 2 lbs or smaller