Tiny's Catfishing Photos April 12, 2013

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Fished with Randy Pickens and friends, Randy A.K.A. "Moose", Frank and Don from up Wichita way. The bite was really weird today as we had a little bit of run-off coming into the lake which had most of the medium sized fish suspended ... we started off doing a trophy trip which was a good thing as that's all we could get to bite other than dinks about 2 lbs. The first fish of any size was a double that weighed 27 lbs 8oz and 25 lbs 4 oz. then one about 18 to 20 lbs and a 38 lb 4 ozthen a 20. We had a few smaller ones in the mix but not many. I set up on some smaller fish in shallower waters and only caught 3 dinks right quick so we moved and didn't do much after that. The spoonies were causing me some I.D. problems as they look like catfish on my screen so that made for a few dry runs but all in all it was a good day.

Randy with his 25 lb 4oz and Frank with a 27 lb 8 oz double

Don with his 18 lb'r

Moose with the biggun of the day at 38 lb 4 oz

Don with his biggun of the day at 20 lbs

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