Tiny's Catfishing Photos April 12, 2015

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Fished with Jim, Diamond, Jeremy and Scott today. We had a pretty great day .. with the anchorman saying we was going to get blown off the lake today and never did... yesterday they said it'd be mild winds and we got pummelationisized. It was brutally inaccurate. Today I had a storm inside the boat that I wasn't aware of but we'll get to that. Anyhow, We ended up catching around 250 to 300 lbs ... hard to keep track of because we were throwing everything back half way through the trip. Biggest was a 20 lb'r and an 18 or so. We threw back about 12 fish but can't say for certain. Today I was up in there doin my thing... this is no easy detail to tell what I'm doing when I'm on the flats working an area but I'll try. See now when I've located fish and I'm pretty sure I know how they hang out out there so I'm throwing lines out in all directions .. all uniform to start with and no consideration as to how far or anything .. just trying to get them all out so I can sit down cause my back is hurting after about 10 minutes on my feet. Well we ain't able to keep up as I instinctively do my D&Drop thing on the first round of casts and after about 20 minutes on my feet I figure out that I need to quit doing the D&D so that I can get all the rods out because the fish are biting too fast. D&D is what I call Drag n Drop. So after catching fish on the first cast I normally alter my trajectory 5 to 10% or closer in to the boat sometimes or further out ... I do this because I know how they hang out out there as they're just in the area all scattered out and all over the place. To maximize success I'm doing all this recasting to a different spot each time and This is when the storm hit me named Jeremy. So Tiny, these fish are just running up in here and back out, huh? What? They're just coming through? Running in and out? I kinda lock up and stare at him without remembering or realizing how time was passing but in this span of trying to understand what he's talking about and how little he's witnessing I'm starring at him and in my mind his head exploded when I realized that he gave none of this fishing catching credit to where it belonged and totally with the fish "running in and out"... one version of my vision .. his head exploded, his head sprouted legs and jumped on the floor of my boat and running around aimlessly until I stomped the life out of it. Two other versions of this went through my head before I "came to" and back to reality ... realized where I was and what I was doing (came out of my trance) and I was like ... oh.... is my nose bleeding???? No you're fine. This is something I was seriously doubting at the time but, OKay. Ya know... Jeremy ... I'd like to think that I had a bit to did with this fish catching than just attributing it to them "running in and out" kinda scenario that you stated. Also Jeremy wasn't aware of me picturing I'd just stomped his head to pieces in my mind either so it's okay at this point in time. I guessed I confuzzled him and then explained some of the stuff I was doing so that they could catch these fish I'd located (not magically appeared from nothingness) and working them to get the most out of the area. When I was explaining everyone was getting a kick outta this because I think they seen the discomfort I was going through and everyone started having a great time with that "running in and out" thing the rest of the day. Clearly it wasn't Jeremy what had the problem but it was me not able to understand the enigma of my own mind. What was I thinking in those 4 versions of his demise? Gawds Almighty ... I need therapy!!!!

Jim with the biggun of the day at 20 lbs

Jeremy with a nice one... forgot what all these weighed

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