April 13, 2005 Keystone Catfishing

We had a cool front move through a day or two ago and I figured the fishing would be kind of slow tonight but we managed to locate a few. Water temp dropped a few degrees since the last time we was out on the 8th. We lost a few nice ones but ended up with 11 all together ... biggest was 15 lbs. Caught on cut shad and cut carp.
We fished three different spots tonight and we'd catch a few fish in each spot and then it'd be dead for an hour or so. when they're biting like that after a cold front we could have caught a couple limits but we wasn't wanting to work that hard at it. when the fish aren't moving, like tonight, it's best to catch three or four fish from a spot and then move. The places we found most of the fish were on subtle drop-offs where the water went from 61 degrees to 58 degrees in just a hundred yards or less.... may be two things holding them in that kind of area ... the water temp and the drop-off ledge along where just a slight bit of current is running in the deeper water. Once they get over this little cool front that came through they'll be on the move again.
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