Tiny's Catfishing Photos April 13, 2016

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Fished with the Praters today. We ended up with over 200 lbs of fish today. Biggest was 33.1 lbs caught by Richard... Richard had his Gpaw Bob with him and Brother Jack. We had a great day harrassing one another today and right off the bat I knew it was going to be fun... Richard looked out across the water and hollered ... looky thar ... someone throwed out a whole Slough of Jews uh uh uh .. I mean Jugs.... I said what'd you just say? hahaha .... he said I don't know why I said that ... it just popped out ... I told him I was going to have to write that down and told him later I'm faced with a dilemma ... why's that Tiny? Trying to figure out how to write about that Slough of Jews and embellish it somewhat and try not to offend anyone at the same time haHAHAHAHA ... I gave him a bad enough time the whole day ... sayin stuff like ... looky ... someone threw out a whole slough of perfectly good Jews and just left them there. You never know what's going to happen on one of these trips .... Never!

Jack with the first nice one of the day

Richard with bout a 10 lb'r

Richard with the biggun of the day at 33.1 lbs

Bob with a Biggun

Jack with his biggun of the day at 14 lbs

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