Tiny's Catfishing Photos April 14, 2015

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Fished with Troy, Rock and my main man, Shawn today. We tore them suckers up ... I was issued a challenge before we got started today by Mr Troy... he allowed what Tiny can and can't do after a front come through like we just had... said he'd never even seen anyone catch fish after a front. So, We ended up with only 250+ lbs with the two bigguns at 22 and 18. Dont' remember which ones they are in the photos but remember it was Troy who caught them. This was also "screw with Tiny's head day" You shoulda heard some of those questions/statements I was confronted with today... a couple I remember is when I was using my washdown hose, one of them  said "Hey Tiny ... where's that water come from???" WHAT??? I can't believe you jest asked me that!!!! hahaha OMG!!! It came from the Lake!!!! This Twilight Zone moment brought to you by. Willie Nelson's Imitation Smoke. (P.S. Don't go google that and look to purchase because I just made that up.) 

Rock with the first nice one of the day

Troy with the 18 I think

Rock and Troy on a double.

Troy and Shawn on a double

Troy and the 22

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