Keystone Catfishing April 15, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Today was kinda tough ... we missed a lot of good hits until I switched the rigs out to kahle hooks instead of circles. For some reason the circles just wasn't doing the job today. We missed a lot fewer once I'd got the kahles tied on. Sometimes Kahles are like that too ... sometimes circles hook better than kahles and vice versa. We caught 10 pretty nice fish today even though the flood water had them scattered out real bad ... I think we got about 20 bites total and there was too much debris coming down river to fish in the current where a lot of fish were holding since the water was still on the rise. The lake was up about 3 ft it looked like from the last time I was out. I had no idea that it rained that much a couple days ago but the river is really crankin right now. It was a really fun day with two great guys from our US Navy. Thanks Guys ... I had a lot of fun too.

Stephen with his first biggun of the day. 9.8 lbs

Byron with his first nice one. 9.2 lbs

Byron again with another 9 lb'r

Stephen with another 9 lb'r

Byron with another one

Here they are holding up their best fish of the day. I think Stephen grabbed the wrong one hahaha. I think he got tired of trying to get hold of that other biggun and just grabbed that 7 lb'r but not sure ... that one in his right hand looks a little lite.

Here's the Navy Fleet now. It may not be an aircraft carrier but I've had to wave a few planes off in the past as they thought they could land on it.