Tiny's Catfishing Photos April 15, 2014

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Fished with some great guys from Kansas today. Dan Mcgrew and friends Gary and Jonesy. Weather was great and the biggest fish was 22 lbs 11 oz, 18, 15.5 and several around 13 to 10 lbs. Over 20 fish all together ... not sure about the exact count but it was somewhere around 25 total. Something very interesting happened today also. We hooked a nice fish over a sunken tree along with several others but  the one I'm referring to got hung up and we lost it. About 4 hours later we had a line being tugged on and one of the guys reeled it in and it was tangled up with another of my lines ... we unhooked the fish and I threw the line back in the water and then tried to figure out which line it was but none of them were slack so I took a rod and fished the rig back out of the water ... it was one of mine for sure as it had one of my new sinkers I'd poured the day before along with about 30 yds of line ... the only one we broke off with that much line that morning was on the tree I was talking about earlier .. I looked on my gps and it was 2.3 miles from where we'd broken the fish off and it just so happened that that fish made it's way off the tree and then ended up getting tangled with one of our lines 2.3 miles to the north hahaha. I was dumbfounded ... talk about luck.