Keystone Catfishing April 18, 2009

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Fished Big Brother Richard and little brother Kenneth from up Midwest City. We had a great day. First fish that hit was a biggun .. I'd guess it was between 20 to 25 lbs and we hadn't went through any instructions at all this morning before that one hit and it went around the boat and almost broke off by getting wrapped around the riverrack .. then it went back the other way and did the same thing and Kenneth was workin him back n forth and then it finally got off ... it was a heartbreaker. Worked out okay though because they caught 21 fish total with the biggun of the day at 22 lbs and Kenneth's biggun of the day was 15 lbs. We got rained on just a little bit and the wind was pretty much dead calm all day. all fish caught on cut shad. Ended up with just over 200 lbs of fish for the day.

Also we encountered some ... well I can't call um what I want to but there was this one dude sittin on the bank of the river and we went way out wide of where they were fishing so we wouldn't disturb them and about when I got past him I seen some fish on my fish finder so I figured I'd stop and catch um .. this ole boy hollered at us saying .. you're not going to fish there are you? yep I said .. he started griping and I said feller .. you can't even cast this far where we're going to fish .. it was a good 130 yds away and on the other side of the river .. he allowed as how he didn't want to look at me and my boat or some such .. I said are you like this with everyone or is it just me? well I decided not to continue the conversation with the _____... well ... it starts with a P.R.I.C and ends with a K in front of the young man that was with us and decided to go on so instead of continuing in the shallow water I just went back to the main channel where the Prk was fishing so I could get up on plane and we took off .. we went about 1/8 of a mile from him and every time we got a fish on I'd holler "FISH ON!!!" .... "FISH ON!!!" .... "FISH ON!!!" whoopin and hollerin, high fivin, This went on for quite a while but Richard and I had a little fun with the hollering fish on until we had about 17 fish in the boat ... just done it to get on the prk's nerves hahaha. Then when we went back by him, staying in the channel, we had a stare down. hahaha. I tell ya what, I don't know where people like that come from or what makes um like that.  

Double of 12+ lb fish

This is Kenneth's big fish of the day at 15 lbs

Another double

Big fish of the day Richard got, a flathead at 22 lbs

This double of 10 lb'rs I got both of them in the net at the same time hahaha

This is the double we got both in the net at the same time