Keystone Catfishing April 20, 2011

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Fished with my Sponsors from today. Then it quickly turned into "The Jean Hatcher Show" cause she smoked the boys catching 17 of 19 fish.... it was an ugly thrashing ... to the point I was feeling sorry for Roy. Jean said ... don't worry Roy ... you'll catch one before the day ends... then he caught one ... A Drum! Then Jean allowed as how "at least it was a fish". hahaha. Then on the drive home Jean was thinking about her fishing behind their house and seen a beaver down there so the drive home was Jean talking about that beaver. She asked Gerald ... are beaver any good for anything? Gerald said "they definately are" ... can you eat them ... "sure can" what do they taste like ... "taste like chicken" hahahaha

Gerald Hatcher with the first nice one of the day.

Jean with a nice one along with 16 others

Here's Gerald rubbin it in that Roy didn't catch nuttin
but a drum and Roy hanging his head in shame. Hahaha!