Tiny's Catfishing Photos April 20, 2015

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Fished with Jerry Hime and his fishin buddy Jim today. We had another world class day catching over 550 to 600 lbs of fish. We turned back over 15 that was over 30 inches. Little did I know that I was gonna get triple BBB'd today. Some of my great friends whose names all start with B was lurking in the shadows ... waiting for ole Tiny to get done fishing and then snuck into my honey hole ... this after I'd taught them all my little tricks and techniques and when I find a new spot I have not only the normal encroachers but my "Friends" making me have to then go find more fish as they exploit. I found this out from one of the B's himself... (This was what my mind translated it into as he was speaking as he really didn't say it as I've written it, A Parody of sorts as my mind perceived what he was saying or rewrote in my head as it was coming forth from him's lips) ... yeah tiny. We seen ya up there catchin fish and we waited until you left before we made our move where you found lots of fish... we caught a fish over 40 lbs but I'm gonna tell ya we turned it back just so I don't have to watch you cry and make me uncomfortable but it sure tasted good. I admonished my friend B and he said well ... B and B were the instigators ... I was thinkin ... I didn't even know you knew B and B and then it dawned on me ... this is how my wintering holes got dried up so fast ... they got a network of spies what work together, collect GPS numbers and then go back and wipe my holes out letting all their network of spies know what these numbers are... I see now that I've made a prodigious error in judgment as to who I take to my new wintering holes and also gonna have to deploy some counter-measures to confuse them rascals as to when and where I'm fishin. I guess after they've fished out this new found honey hole I'll have to locate more... not hard to do but it's nice to be able to take several trips to an area .... That I Found!!! hahaha ...I've never done that to anyone ... see someone catching fish and then try to horn in on their spot. hahaha. I guess what I'm gonna do is get my noculars out and scan the lake for "my friends" before I go fishin and then if I see them I'll just get lost to a totally new area and find fish where they can't see me. Or something like that.

Jerry gotta be the toughest rascal there is. Looky here!
38 degree air temp and he's clothed for mexically beaches in the summer
I think he was thinking he made an error once we started across the water though
Those shorts wasn't holding too much heat in I don't think

Jim with the first throwback

Jerry with a nice one of his own

Jerry with what I think is the biggun of the day at close to 20

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