Keystone Catfishing April 21, 2010

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Had a really nice day today and the fishing was pretty good also. We caught around 15 fish and had to turn one back so it was the 19 lb'r we let loose. It was kind of unusual start as Lance was being generous and wanting others to reel the fish in so he'd point at the rod that was getting the bite ... at least I think that's why he was pointing at the rods. I gave him a little razzing over it and he quit pointing at rods and started reeling them in. That was funny though. I told him we was going to have to give him the nickname "Pointer" I don't think he thought it was all that funny. 

Lance with a nice one, First fish of the day

Jeremy with an 11

Another 11 lb'r

David with the biggun of the day at 19 lbs