Keystone Catfishing April 22, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Let me tell you a story bout a young man named Will. This young man emailed me some time back wanting to book a trip with me and every once in a while he'd email and ask about something. then when his trip was approaching it became evident that he was just really chomping at the bit to go fishin and I could tell that he really loved fishing long before we ever went out. he emailed me a few weeks ago asking about the bait casters and if he could bring his own rods cause he couldn't cast baitcasters .. I said don't worry bout that ... I've switched to spinning gear anyhow but you don't have to worry bout casting them anyhow as I do all the baiting and casting and he's like ... cool ... then he emails me again and asks if we're going to be able to go due to the high water ... I said well .. we'll just have to wait until the date gets a little closer to see ... we'll probably be able to go ... when I got these emails and read them I just grinned and thought now this is what fishin's all about ... the excitement and joy it brings to young folks when they really get into it. then he emails me again and I said yeah ... we can launch at prairie view ramp or keystone state park ramp either one. so now he's all excited again ... then I say I'll call tomorrow after I get done fishin and then about 8:30 or 9:30 I get to check my email and will has emailed me and said ... are you going to call my mom and let her know what time to meet ya and where, or something to that effect. so then I call after I got all the web editing done and finally get to talk to him ... you can hear the excitement in his voice when he hands the phone to his dad so that he can get directions on where to meet me and what not ... then I ask his dad ... now does will have any questions or want to talk to me and he asks will and he says YEAH! ... then he gets on the phone and asks about the day's fishin that I'd just got back from and I told him about it and he said okay ... that's all I wanted to find out about ... then we finally get out there and it was just a pure dee ole good time to see ole "Iron" Will Hartman in action, by cracky. what a fun day.

Here's "Iron" will slappin a hurtin on a nice blue