Tiny's Catfishing Photos April 22, 2017

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Fished with good friend, Chili McQuillar, friends Nick, and Ed along with Bradey and Jaydon ... the two younguns on the trip. What a trip ... we had some mishaps along with some nice fish being caught ... we had one about 25 or bigger and the hook got hung in the net and the fish escaped so we didn't get a photo of that one. but we got a good look at it. hahaha. Tiny didn't get done cleaning fish until about 7:30 pm due to the mishaps but we survived it well enough. all in all a very memorable trip. Jaydon forgot my nickname I guess but he wanted to ask me something so I picture him thinking this out in advance but he went ahead being unsure of my name and he says .."hey Mr. Small" I sez what'd you call me ... Mr. Smalls.... uh now I'm trying to figure out where this came from and then it dawned on me that he knew my nickname meant something little and that's what he came up with.... now it's "Tiny" "Mr. Smalls" Timothy Ray Smith... gotta put another A.K.A. on any official documents. Another little mishap ...well ... wasn't so little ... my phase charger crapped out on me and left my crankin battery connected to my trollin motor batteries and i'd lost track of time entertaining the kids and it was 4pm before I noticed and I tried to start my motor and it ain't havin it ... well ... wind was blowin kinda in the direction of the dock but current was headed a little east ... I thought we could flag someone down but they ain't payin no attention the one boat that went by.... ain't sure how long I rowed the boat but it was a long time and it looked like my trajectory was going to miss the mark so I checked my phone and I had about half a bar and I knew the folks at the guard shack and called their son in law but they was off duty ... but .. they called the folks that was at the gate and they asked some folks that was fixin to launch to give us a hand and they had a couple of batteries but after hooking both of them up they weren't charged enough so they tugged us back to the ramp where we got the boat jumped and after all was said and done I got home about 9:30 pm .... very memorable day. I didn't get any pics of Ed and Chili today. Chili helped Nick net his biggun of the day what appeared to be about 25 lbs but Chili got the hook instead of the fish hahaha ... quickest release of a bigun I"ve ever seen.

Jaydon left, Bradey right posing with Bradey's fish about 15

You may think Jaydon is blind but he's not ... my timing is either
bad or he's gotta close his eyes when he smiles.. not sure which is the case

Uncle Nick with a nice one he caught