April 23, 2005 Keystone Catfishing

Went fishin again today ...Caught my limit pretty quick and lost count but I left about an hour before dark. Got out there about 3 pm and went to the spot I was going to catch my secret weapon. I couldn't catch my secret weapon for catching catfish I caught 10 blues before I caught the weapon but this brings up another interesting story.

When I got out there to where I was going to catch bait there was this father and son team out there not too far from where I stopped ... they were within hollering distance. I threw out and it wasn't but a few minutes and I had a fish on ... a pretty nice ten pounder and the father hollered over asking if I was using shad ... I replied yes I was... he sed well that's what we're using also. I asked if he was spittin copenhagen on it ... he said no ... I sed that's prolly it then hehehe. Anyhow I caught several fish there and then moved over to another spot not far away and started catching fish there and they followed ... they stopped all around me and I caught the double you see in the second photo. Well as close to a double as ya can get just being one person... the second fish took off with my other rod before I got the first one landed. The father couldn't take it no more after making a few stops around my boat ... within casting distance... he decided he was gonna come over and ask if I had any spare shad ... well knowin how easy shad is to catch right now I knew it wasn't that he needed bait ... he came over and ran smack into my new boat and he said .. sorry bout that bud... I sez that's okay ... on the way to run into my boat he ran over the spot that I was catching those ten pounders from ... (I never got another bite there) so they get ready to leave and get my last pole that I had casted out all into their poles and he sez ... sorry bout that bud... I sez that's okay and then he gets um untangled and then he wraps my line around his prop as he's leavin ... my pole is bending like it's gonna break and I knew I didn't have enough time to get out of the way ... I just folded my arms over my face and braced myself for the rod and line to smack me ... he got it shut down and raised the motor up and my line was all wound up around his lower end and I sed just cut it right there if ya would... I'd just spooled my reels with new 40 lb Ande the day before and now I gotta respool that one again. As he's cutting the line he sez ... sorry bout that bud.... I sez that's okay.... I shook my head in disbelief over the encounter and I guess the reason I didn't sed something to him was cause of his son... he was prolly bout 13 or 14 but then I thought about the movie "Karate Kid" .... boy ... where did you learn that good sportsmanship from .... "faddah teach!"

they then run out and get stuck on the mud flats ... mud shootin 15 foot in the air and they're stuck .... I mean stuck too ... I just knew they was gonna toot a whistle fer me to come pull um out ... it was comical is all git out seeing a big evenrude churn that much mud ... they finally got it out by the father goin to the front of the boat and rockin it back n forth side to side with the motor runnin wide open ... I thought to myself any time that rascal is gonna come loose and shoot out from under that feller ... didn't happen but after that I guess they decided it was time to go home.

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