Keystone Catfishing April 26, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Jim Coal and Dick went with me today. We sure caught a lot of nice fish. Average was close to 7 lbs each and we caught 32 total. Lots of fish around 8+ with Dick catching the biggest of the day at 11.11 lbs and Jim caught a couple of 10's. Ole tiny was too busy to take many pictures today but I got a couple ... we had fish everywhere ... when I took the group photo we had 6 fish in the bluegill cooler and several in the livewell still yet and I thought we needed two more for two limits so we caught two more and then another before we got the rods in and chunked one back and then I started cleaning fish and then found out we had 6 in the bluegill tank, not 5 like I'd originally thought so we hadda throw one of those back. It was a really good day even though the fronts came through the night before ...we still got on a lot of fish. Wasn't too hard to find as I'd found a spot where they kept coming to us. Wind was terrible today and we couldn't anchor where I originally wanted to fish so we ended up east of there and caught several there then moved to a cove ... it was nice in there but not enough fish to keep us hooked up very often so we wheeled back out to try the original spot and figured out a way to stay hooked out there and started tearing them a new one. We still had about an hour left to fish when we limited out. Probably 220+ lbs total for today.

Jim with a 10.2 lb blue