Keystone Catfishing April 26, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Ron and Linda Schoonover ... old friends from up north of Tulsa, formerly Kingfisherians. It's been a long time since I fished with Ron and the first time I fished with his wife and was it ever something. Where to begin? Well the first incident was the second fish photo ... this fish pulled down hard on the rod while it was in the holder and I guess the rod holder wasn't tightened down very good cause it broke over and SHWOOSH .. the rod is in the water and all I'm seeing is the rod but cycling through the water and leaving a little bubble trail as it's scooting pretty good. Luckily I'd been through this before and grabbed the rod next to that one and looped the line around the rod and started pulling and the hook luckily stuck into the rod just a little so that I could fight the fish with the other rod and bring it close enough to the boat that Ron could grab it. Man, my heart was pounding a hunerd miles a minute. then the next episode ... Linda gets a fish on again on her side of the boat and it's another good one and it bends the rod over backerds in the rod holder and pinches it into the rod holder so they can't get it out and Ron finally frees it from the rod holder and pulls back on it and the 50 lb test snaps ... fish was gone. that was the second rod we almost lost. then Linda gets another one on off a float rig that is pretty impressive when it takes off and it gets against the braided line and cuts my 50 lb mono leader like a hot knife through butter ... another good fish gone ... then she gets another one ... sets the hook on it and then the fish sets the rod on her ... she almost got pulled outta the boat and was fixin to go over the edge when her hubby grabbed her from behind and held onto her while she fought the fish and about when she went over the edge tiny hollers "DON'T LET GO OF THE ROD!!!" then after the 18.12 lb fish is netted she's like "thanks tiny for all the concern for me ... I think you was more worried about the rod than me going overboard" that's what I was thinkin too ... we coulda throwed you a life vest and kept ya from sinkin ... my face turnt red when I realized what I'd sounded like ... worried more about the rod than I was about her. but hey ... we'd already almost lost two rods previously so maybe that's what was stuck in my mind ... yeah.... that was it.... you understand ... don't ya???? It was a nerve racking day for sure but one of the funnest days anyone could have ever had ... even goin to the bathroom presented another incident when Linda was getting back in the boat she teetered backwards and feet went out from under her and she just smacked right back down on the bank and Ron and I both were gasped as we thought she'd hurt herself but then later in the day we found out that Ron had brought some nanners on the boat. All those deep sea fishermen guides say that's bad luck when ya bring nanners on the boat so I think that's what was giving us all the problems. It hadda been that. Leave the nanners at home people ... someone could get hurt!!!!  

Ron Schoonover with the first fish of the day at 13.9 lbs

Then Linda just about takes over completely from here on with an 11+

then she lands the 18 lb 12 oz flathead.
What a skirmish this was!

another 11+ caught by Linda

Total catch was 17 fish, what a great day