Keystone Catfishing April 27, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with David Stroope and Mike Stansifer today. These guys were a riot, bad mouthing each other all day and trash talkin during the seesaw battle of the biggest fish ... Mike started with an 8 lb fish and then David caught an 8.8 lb'r then a 8.14 then a 10.6 and then right towards the end of the trip Mike pulled it out with a 10.10 fish. It was a hoot listening to this stuff goin on. hahaha. Thanks guys ... it's was a great trip!

Mike with the first nice one at 8 lbs even

David with an 8.8 lb blue

David with his 10.6 lb'r

Mike with his 10.10 lb'r

19 fish today with two of them being channelcat.