Keystone Catfishing April 28, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

I had the pleasure of fishing with the Crawford Family today. I laughed so much, my dadburned cheeks was sore. Fussin at Harold all day for missing fish and Bob was calling me Bill then he was calling Harold "Bill" also and then he got me to calling everyone "Bill" ... then midway through the fishing trip someone mentioned something about Calling Bill ... I asked "The real Bill?" They said yes ... I said oh ... okay ... then someone said Bob did such n such and I said "Who's Bob?" and they was talking about "The other Bill" then they actually talked to the real Bill on the phone and you could hear "You've got a lot of nerve calling me while you're out fishing!" and then Bill said well ... we just wanted you to know that we were thinking of you so you should feel all warm all over. We had a really great time though ... caught some nice fish to boot!

Harold a.k.a "Other Bill" with a nice one.

Harold a.k.a. "Other Bill" with another nice un.

Other Bill with another goodern, it was about here everyone started labeling the other Bill "Pole Hawg!". He said oh my ... don't call me no Hawg ... I don't mind if you call me "Pig" but don't call me a Hawg! Now I didn't said anything but that kinda struck me as a little bit off cause Hawg and Pig are synonymous so I'm not sure what Harold was refering to as I don't think there's much difference in a hog and a pig hahaha. He was a great sport about all the harassment he was getting from everyone. He just didn't want those fish to get loose it all and he caught slack fer it which was really really funny.

Here's Jerry Lea a.k.a. "Little Bill" with the biggun of the day at 18.2 lbs. Now I'd have to write a whole nuther page on thissun ... Might as well get started though. When this fish took off it came back towards the boat and she puts her hand on her hip with disgust about losing another fish but it's not really lost ... I holler "REEL REEL REEL!!!" I seen the line stripping through the water at about 40 mph headed west and then that biggun turns towards the boat and "Little Bill" is still kinda bewildered as she's not feeling anything at all on the line and I'm still "REEL REEL REEL!!!" as I'm seeing this wake this rascal is leaving in the water and then all of a sudden, Little Bill catches up to the fish and it turns and runs the other way ... she's got a 9 line bind on that pole too as she's worried bout payin that extra $70 for a lost pole I think and then her knees bang up against the front deck chair and now tiny's hollering "WATCH THE ANCHOR ROPE ... TAKE NOTE WHERE THE ANCHOR IS... KEEP HIM OUTTA THE ANCHOR!" all the while Little Bill is reeling her little heart out and then it was all over ... it was in the net cause Other bill was leaning way over the nose of the boat to capture the beast and then the party begins ... happy feet everywhere and whoppin and hollerin, High Fivin! and then .... that's the rest of the story,,,,, this is Paul Harvey a.k.a "fat bill" .... good day!

Bob with a 10+ a.k.a. "Bill" and the one that got that Bill business started.

14 fish total with an average weight of about 8 lbs per. left to right Bob Crawford, Jerry Lea Scott, Louise Crawford a.k.a. "Aunt Bill". and Howard "Other Bill". I got a little story bout Louise too that'll curl your socks and straighten your hair ... now I get to be a bonehead when I'm kinda stressed out after about 4 straight days of fishing and I'll forget things ... well today I forgot my medicines at home and this evidently got Louise a little torqued up ... she says .. okay .. let me get this straight you remember your tobacco, your billfold, your phone, your gun etc etc and you forget to bring your medicines????? Now I'm sitting here listening to this thinkin that "boy howdy, Tiny's in trouble now!" and then Uncle Bob jumps in there and says ... hey ... he's not me so don't be giving him such a hard time or something like that hahaha ... I was sure glad someone bailed me out cause I thunk there for a minute that I was fittin to get a whuppin. My mom used to start on me like that and when she was done I was doin doughnuts around her and hearing the sound of ssshhh NAPPPPPP! repeadedly and in rapid succession ... I felt that same nervous sensation that I used to get right before the beating began. When Bill jumped in there I was sure glad too cause I could feel the crack of that willer switch already. hahaha. I'm just jokin bout that but she was concerned for my well being and really worried bout me. Thanks everyone ... it was a great trip!