Tiny's Catfishing Photos April 28, 2017

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Fished with Greg Sturm and his cohorts and my friends Travis, Connor and Ronnie... we had a really fun day today but the front that came through the day before had all the mature fish shut off. We caught about 25 smaller fish with the biggest being about 6 lbs. Photo below is Greg with the biggun of the day at 6 lbs, I had plenty of trouble with my batteries also ... I installed a solenoid to take the place of my defective phase charger so the crankin battery would be seperate from the trollin motor batteries ... after this trip I went straight to walmart and had the batteries checked and one only had 200 amps so that was the culprit. Now it's all good again ... still got to redo some wiring connections but that's minor repairs and hopefully I won't have any more nanner days. hahaha