Keystone Catfishing April 29, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Well I guess my streak hadda end sooner or later. It sure was a pleasant day and seemed like it'd be great for fishing but we had a tough day of fishing as the fish just seemed to be swatting at the baits and never really taking it. We missed about 7 or 8 good fish as they'd roll on the baits and never get them in their mouth it seemed like. I tried changing the rigs out to a little different presentation but we didn't get many hits after that but the ones we got we connected on. Had a great time with Pat Evans again and his buddy Wes. I just wish we'd have gotten more fish in the boat and then it woulda been a perfect day but we only got 5. We located quite a few fish but I'm guessing that water dropping so fast has them acting weird. They've still got the flood gates open and there's not a lot of water coming down the rivers. We caught one that was 8 lbs then two around 7+ and one 4 lb'r and a 2 lb'r. It made a pretty good mess of fish as we got 1.5 gallon bags full so that'd make a pretty good supper. Pat shoved some money at me and I said "ya don't owe me a thang, Pat" but he insisted. I feel the shame though hahaha. Thanks Pat and Wes.

Here's Wes with his 8 lb'r

Total for today was 5.