Keystone Catfishing April 29, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with the Thomas family today. Had a great time. We caught a few fish to boot. I forgot the weights on them and not sure which is which but the one Dan caught may have been the 14 but I can't remember. Clint "eastwood" was a hoot ... let me tell ya ... I had a lot of fun messin with him today. He allowed his Knee was bald and he was pointing at his shin and I said that's not your knee. He was saying his knee was cold cause it was bald and what he mean was his sweats wasn't covering part of his shin ... so then we have to give him a lesson in anatomy. even went as far as to point out where his mastoid process was, The mastoid process is a conical prominence projecting from the undersurface of the mastoid portion of the temporal bone. It is located just behind the external acoustic meatus, and lateral to the styloid process. Clint goes, HUH???? hahaha. The Thomas family also got a good sunburn on their external acoustic meatus (ear lobes) or maybe that's Meati which would be plural for meatus'. he was complaining cause Tiny was using too many big werds fer him today. he also thought that Tiny was too hard to say so he asked if he could just call me Ty. I said sure, why not.

Jerred with about an 8 lb blue

Dan with a 12 lb'r

Clint with about a 6 lb

Jerred with a 14.1 lb blue

Clint with about a 7 lb'r

Odell with a 9 lb'r