Tiny's Catfishing Photos April 29, 2015

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Fished with Adam Beck and his buddy Gary today. We ended up with about 180 lbs of fish so it made a nice day of fishing. I was busy baiting up lines and throwing them out and Gary reached over and said Hey... you missed one ... I was like ... man I'm working as hard as possible. hahaha ... I thought about getting all up in that but then I remembered Adam is OHP .. I figured i"d better not else he could make life rough fer ole Tiny. But I harassed him some about slave drivin me. Then Adam wanted in on the action of harassing Tiny ... He said ... hey Tiny ... I broke one off ... "FIX IT!!!!" I was bout ready to throw a fit but disresion was the better part of valor here in this instance ... Tiny said Yes Sir! I'll get right on that! Just give me a sec and I'll attend to it "Post Haste!"

jAdam with the biggun of the day and Gary doubled up with a nice one of his own

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