April 30, 2005 Keystone Catfishing

Shad was tough to find today ... I found 6 before my arms got tired from throwin. the cold front pushed um back into deeper water and scattered them. the fishing was okay. it took me a while to find them but I had a good idea where they was .. threw for shad for about 3 hours and fished for about 3 hours. caught 10 or 12 and these are the biggest ones the first fish I caught was the 10 lb 4oz fish that I got to weigh with my dandy new weight scales. tried to use sandbass for bait but it didn't work so I decided to go. I got over to the boat ramp and started cleanin fish at cowskin bay and seen shad flippin around my boat hahaha ... they was tayzzzin me!

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11 lb 4oz
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