Keystone Catfishing April 30, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Gary, Terry and Jay today. We caught 19 fish total with several above 8 lbs up to 10.12 I think it was. Couple of them were 10 lb'rs and some 9's & 8's. We had a lot of fun I learnt a new woid phrase when we get a fish on that Terry teached me. It was "Awesome Blossum" so from now on I'm likely to holler "Awesome Blossum" when a fish gets on from here on out. hahaha. All the fish were caught on cut shad. Water temp at 70 degrees. We got ran off by storms headed our way at 2:30 or so and we wasn't done fishin yet. I think we coulda got another five or seven in the boat had it not been for the storms. We side stepped one little ole rain shower that was headed our way and it wasn't all that big but we got a little damp and then we started to head back over and fish some more and it was getting really dark over southwest of us and then my wife called and allowed there was some nasty storms headed right at us so we got back to the ramp and a big ole nasty storm hit while we were cleaning fish. We let that main front part get done blowin and goin and then finished up.

Jay holding up a nice one as he was fighting Terry off from messin with him.

Gary brung this nice one to the boat. 10+. Terry's helping him hold it up it looks like.

Terry with a good sized blue. I think she caught another one that was bigger than this one but we didn't get a pic of that one.

Here's Jay with his 10.12 ... he turned around and caught Terry attaching the rabbit ears to him right when I snapped the picture. When she first put her hand up there I said higher Terry cause her fangers wasn't stickin above his hat and Jay thought I was talkin to him and he held the fish up higher and then he realized that I said "Terry" so then he turned around to look and see what was goin on hahaha.