Keystone Catfishing April 30, 2011

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Fished with the Schoonover family today. Ron, His brother Keith, Keith's son Jason and Ron's grandson Skyler. It was a blast fishin with the younguns and elders alike. Always have a great time with Ron and family. These were some special younguns too. Ole Skyler A.K.A "grasshopper" put a whuppin on the elders of the group by catching the most and the biggest. I kept getting his named mixed up with the name Tyler, I guess it was because I've had a bunch of young ones out named Tyler so at the end of the trip when I was cleaning the fish I told Skyler that I was just going to have to rename him "grasshopper" cause I could remember that. hahaha. 

First stop we made we boated three fish just
boom boom boom ... wasn't a triple but it was close

Skyler with the first nice fish of the day at about 10 lbs

Then Jason reels in a goodern bout 8 lbs

Grasshopper wasn't done yet ... He reeled in the biggun of the day at 15 lbs

Jason with one about 13 lbs

Then Ron pulled a nice one out of a brush pile about 10 or 11 lbs

These were the fish that wouldn't fit in the livewell. We ended up with 30 total