April 15, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing Pictures

Tiny's Guide Service

Fishing with Dewayne and David today. Had a great time and the fishing was a little off .. we didn't have a lot of time as David had to be back to Ft Worth by 8 or 9 to play in a band so we hadda cut it off about 1-ish. We caught mostly channelcat today with the biggest being a bluecat about 9 to 10 lbs. We had a lot of fun visiting as well and giving David a hard time. I think Dewayne is going to send me some pictures ... I plum forgot about picture takin today so hopefully he can clip some off his video tape. The wind was pretty stiff today but not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. we caught around 10 to 12 fish and it made a pretty good mess of fillets. all caught on Shad heads and a few came on Bluegill fillets. Everything went off without a hitch today ... caught shad on the first throw of the net but I didn't like the size so I threw again and it wasn't much better but I kept them anyhow thinkin it wouldn't matter too much ... I don't know if it did or not but I think the bigger heads from 5 to 7 inch shad works better.

What was the most interesting deal about this trip is I was broke down last night after fishing with Henry and Graham Lowden ... I called Cushing Orielly's and they said they don't have the part I'm needing but Stillwater and Sapulpa does so I think cool ... I'll drive the wife's car over there and get it so I got over there and it wasn't what I was needing ... I needed the Caliper housing bolt for the left side and they was saying the pin was the bolt and I said no ... I need the bolt that holds the whole shootin match on the A-Frame or whatever that is ... the whole caliper assembly is held onto the housing with two bolts and they're trying to give me some pins that the caliper and brake pads slide on. So now I'm in trouble ... got two guys fixin to leave Ft Worth and I'm broke down so I call Dewayne and say hey buddy ... I'm broke down and can't find the part I'm needing and he said well I can haul the boat out there with my toyota ... I'm thinkin okay ... we got it whupped then ... so I go back home and my pickup is still hooked to the boat and I look every which way to see if they can pull behind the shed and hook onto the boat and there just wasn't any way to do it without I put my pickup back together then take it back apart then put it back together ... I'd have had to put it all back together just to move it outta the way so I take the bolt out of the bottom of the caliper housing and hotfoot it over to Orielly's totin the bolt and thinkin they gotta have a bolt this size so I'm not too worried ... it's just a normal bolt it looks like ... I get over there and I ease open the door and see 4 or 5 guys standing there shootin the bull and two clerks workin behind the desk and in a real rough voice (almost carl childers like) I say "which one of you scounrels sent me on that wild goose chase over to sapulpa for a caliper bolt" ... one of them nervously raised his hand and said ... that was me. One of the bull shooters said ... I'm getting outta the way ... that feller looks upset and I don't want to be in the middle of thissun. I walk in with my angry swagger and smack that bolt down and say this is what I need and the guy picks it up and said ... you didn't say caliper housing bolt ... I said I sure did ... no you didn't ... then I growl at him and then he says well ... maybe you did ... I'm sorry ... everyone starts laughin ... they knew I was jokin but I'm kinda miffed since I'd put in a tough day of fishin already and went on a 100 mile goose chase to find that they sent me after the wrong part ... I sez ... I needs a bolt like that ... we don't have one ... I said you're kidding ... nope ... napa has them though. I sez ... I got clients driving from ft worth to go fishin with me tomorrow and I've already had a long day of fishin today ... goose chase to sapulpa and now I pull the bolt off the caliper and bring it over here and it looks like a standard bolt to me and you guys don't got one? .... nope we don't and napa won't be open until tomorrow about 8pm the reason they didn't have one is caught it was metric threads so now I'm faced with having to go home and put the truck all back together just to have to take it back apart tomorrow after I get home. I get home and glenda finds a 9/16's threaded bolt and it fits good enough that it'll hold until I can get the right bolt so my lovely wife saved the day. I went to napa today after Dewayn, Dave and I ate over at steer inn and I get home and take the bolt out and it's the size too small so now I gotta go back again and get the bigger sized bolt. Now ... Ain't that a lick!