April 23, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing Pictures

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Jeremy and David from OKC. Had a great time. We started off okay enough but it seemed like everything was tough after that first hole ran dry. We went here and there and everywhere trying to locate fish but nothing was helping too much. No indicators of any kind to kind of guide me so I'm stopping at places I'd fished before but nothing was going on until in the afternoon. I was about ready to bail out on that side of keystone and go over to the other side and start fresh over there but stayed with it until we found where the fish were ... we caught 21 all together with the biggest being about 7ish and right before we were fixing to go in and clean fish Jeremy hooked a biggun and he got it about 20 yds from the boat and snapped the 40 lb test leader ... I'd checked all the rigs just before he'd hooked that one and rerigged the bad ones and that rascal snapped the 40 lb test leader going to the hook biggern dallas. We never got a good look at it but it was putting some torque on ole Jeremy ... I tried to make light of the loss but I don't think it helped ... Jeremy recovered shortly after and all was right with the world hahaha. Thanks for the great time guys. Jeremy with a couple nice ones.
Here's the total catch, or most of it anyhow.