April 27, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing Pictures

Tiny's Guide Service

Fishing with Glen and Dave today, we had a great time ... there was one spot we worked on pretty good pulling quite a few fish off it and then decided to free up some room in the livewell and went back fishin and it was alot slower on the second round. They got in two that went close to 12 lbs and several 8 to 10's. We caught what I'd guess to be about 120 lbs of fish for the day ... it was over 100 and probably closer to 120 since we had so many that were 8 lbs or larger. Dave and Tiny with the biggest two of the morning. 12 and 10 lbs
Same fish but Glen in the picture now.
Dave caught another one that went right at 12 lbs.
This is what we had by noon and we went to clean them and stretch our legs a little and went back and caught 6 more.