April 29, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing Pictures

Tiny's Guide Service

Where to start? Well fishing with Larry and Chad was a lot of fun. I'd surveyed the situation and went through my routine which is outlined on the tips secion and homed in on a good number of catfish and Larry and Chad was saying stuff like "this is crazy" and different things when they started reeling fish in immediately. I said "you didn't read my tips section, did ya?" and Larry said "yeah, but reading it and seeing it first hand is a lot different." Reflecting back on that, I'm not sure I can convey those techniques on locating fish any better than I already did but I'll go back and re-read everything and see if I missed something or can explain it better.  Today's conditions warranted the use of NightCrawlers due to the fresh influx of bait such as worms, bugs and vegetation after the rains. Once you get a good rain like we've gotten and exposed land becomes flooded worms will come to the surface and get washed into the reservoir causing the fish to go into a feeding frenzy on that sort of thing. The biggest fish of the day came in on the nightcrawlers as well as a few other nice ones. Most of the fish caught were brought in in that first hour or so before the storms moved in on us.

I threw out the first pole but forgot to explain the equipment and just about as soon as I set the rod in the holder with clicker on and in free spool one took off with the bait and Larry jumped over and grabbed the pole ... set the hook like a pro but didn't engage the spool, Backlashed it pretty good ... oh and we're using 8/0 gamakatsu circle hooks also so you're not supposed to set the hook anyhow but I didn't explain anything or tell them to engage the spool or anything so it was all my fault (but it sure was fun giving him static about it hahaha). It was a clicker screaming run too ... one of those that will excite even the most laid back of fishermen. Well that one we didn't get but then just a few minutes later they reeled in a double and that's the first picture. Couple of nice fish to start off the day and then we get another clicker screamin run and Larry gets the pole and it's a nice one ... I think it was about 11 lbs but can't remember but we had to release that one ... it was hooked in the tail. It had bit the bait and mangled it really good but the fish came unbuttoned on the way in and got the hook in the tail so it was foul hooked so we released it. Then we catch several more fish and the fishing slowed down and we move to a spot downwind of quite a few birds ... we pick up a couple fish but they're small so I decide to go find some bigger fish about the time the wind kicks up out of the north and I'm thinking to myself "this ain't good" Sure enough a storm blows in and we get soaked pretty good and head back to the truck with 10 fish in the box about 12 oclock ... we wait it out until it's just raining lightly and decide to try it again and we have all kinds of trouble on the second round ... Chad brings one in but the anchor isn't holding and he tries to flip it in the boat without the net as I'm trying to get the anchor to hold and it gets off and we try several more times to get the anchor to hold but it's no use. I should have had the Danforth anchor out there but the weather man said it's all going to move out by noon but noon is when the whole state erupts in storms so I head over closer to shore to get outta the wind when my electronics start acting up and then my anchor and all the electronics go dead .. trollin motor, anchor winch, aerator ... the whole works on the front of the boat is out. So we start packing up and I look at Chad with this look ... well okay ... who's gonna row us back? ... I said I will but I'm kinda stove up and gave them my pitiful look and Chad and Larry look at me like oh no ... and then I wink at Larry while Chad is turned away and Chad grabs the oar and jumps up on the deck of the boat with this look of "this seems all too familiar" or some kinda de ja vu look like he's had to do this before ... I'm about to bust and then I let it out as he's headed up to the front of the boat to start oaring back to the ramp which is about 4 or 5 miles I bust out laughing and then Chad turns around and it takes a while but I make him understand that the trolling motor and the outboard are on separate electronic systems .. it was a funny gag but if I'd have thought about it as Larry brought it up we should have let him start oaring that boat and got a picture of it for the web page, hahaha. Sorry bout that Chad but I'm still laughing as I'm writing this page hahaha.

Chad and Larry on a double ... first fish of the day.

Larry with a foul hooked 10 lb'r

Chad with the biggest of the day, 13 lbs 10 oz