Keystone Catfishing August 2, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Ken Canady and his boys tonight. We had a blast but it was a weird night for fishing. Water temp was 98 degrees when we started and this caused a really wild fish movement from where they were a few days ago. Most of the fish were up river days ago but tonight they all pulled back towards the lake for some reason ... all the shad pulled back even further down around appalachia bay there weren't very many at all. A few days ago they were thick in Appalachia Bay but we found it super hard to find shad all the way up past Pawnee cove. I should have went back towards the main part of the lake or made the long boat ride over to New Mannford to get shad ... first rattle out of the box I lost my good 8 ft Old Salt net and the only backup I had in the boat was a little tangle-up-before-every-throw 4 ft nylon net. You can bet I won't make that mistake again cause my backup next time will be my 10 ft Old Salt... I'd rather throw that big sucker than be stuck with that 4 ft nylon. I bet I threw that daggum thing near 100 times tonight. The boys said they thought we caught around 15 or so. I felt like I'd worked hard enough that we shoulda caught 4 times that many hahaha. the bite was slow even though we'd found lots of fish stacked up like cord wood ... they was just tough to get a bite out of. Water was too hot I think. That was the only thing I could think of to explain the massive migration and slow bite tonight. we had a lot of fun though.

There's a new Southern Rock/Country Band in town - The Catfish Rough Riders! hahaha
Actually these are Ken Canady's Boys. All three of them.
This is what they looked like after a long night of tough fishin.
Steve, Monty and Shanon

Here's Monty with about a 6 lb Flathead he'd caught

Monty with another nice sized Blue

Steve with his first fish of the night