Keystone Catfishing August 2, 2009

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Fished with my buddy, Harold today. He's a local around here and we had a pretty BoooYAAHHHH kinda night. I told Harold I was gonna tell a bad story about him on my web page about the biggun that got away but it was probably my fault as I was using one of those Kahle hooks on this rod that we hung a biggun on. The drag was also set a bit light too so the fish was able to get 4 or 5 good drag pullin runs as Harold would get him up by the boat and then he'd take off again and again and it finally rolled just right and the kahle hook came unglued. Caught 15 total with 5 of them over 10 lbs. The one that got away was a 20+. We'll get him next time, Harold!

Harold and a 13 lb blue

about 11 lbs

Biggun of the night, 15+

15 fish total. About 120 lbs of fish