Kaw Catfishing August 4, 2012

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Went fishing on Kaw with Jason and his buddy Charlie along with Charlie's son Jake. Had a great time but the wind was a killer. We had storms all around us most of the night and I was kind of paranoid that the storms would get us if we went down and looked for trophy fish cause if a squall line caught us down in the big water it woulda been tough to deal with. I finally decided to go try it and sure enough ... the storms turned and built up on us just as soon as I located some bigguns and got the lines out we had to pull out and get back to the ramp. We were going to fish until about 3am but the storm cut the trip short. The waves got so big that I broke my 3/8 inch anchor line and lost the anchor on front just by the boat slamming against the waves. It was rough and a little scary but we made it back okay, minus an anchor of course. Then just when I got set up to clean the 18 fish we'd caught it started raining some pretty cold rain drops and me without any rain gear .... hahaha. Got er' done though.

Jake with the first nice one at about 10 lbs
His new personal record sized fish

Jake with another about 8 lbs

Jason with one about 10 lbs

Another nice one Jake caught .. this one tried to be an albino
but didn't quite make it ... just had white spots on it.