Tiny's Fishing Photos August 4, 2016

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I got a call from Ryan yesterday and he sounded kinda like he really really wanted to go fishin so I said yeah we can go tomorrow but having difficulty today. Which was yesterday the 3rd but we had a great trip catching nearly 30 fish I'm guessing of course but it seemed like at least that many... we checked on the fish about 9:30 and my aerator pump had stopped and a lot of the fish died so I had to stop right then and clean fish. We got all the dead ones bagged up which made 2 gallons of fillets and iced down. Then at the end of the trip we bagged up another 2 gallons. Ryan told me at the end of the trip "Tiny ... you made our vacation!" made me proud.

Hanna caught the first fish of the day

Then she caught one of the two bigguns of the day at 15

Kevin's first fish of the trip

Ryan's kids admiring his first fish

Kevin with the other biggun


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