Keystone Catfishing August 5, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

A young man named Keith called me the other day and said that his Father-in-law was flying to Oklahoma from Florida and he said that he loved catfishing so he wanted to set him up with a catfishing trip. I sure wish I had son-in-laws like that. He wanted it to be a special trip for his Father and His Son, Dustin. A grandfather/grandson bonding trip, if you will. And we done some bonding alright ... we took a scenic trip up river and wasted a lot of time doing that and it was a necessary trip to run up there to see what was going on ... wasn't enough catfish up there to account for all the gar so we made the trip back to the lake and I located some fish and we were off and running. We caught several fish including a really nice one at 25 lbs or just a hair under. scales were bouncing between 24.7 to 25. It looked like at least a 30 lb'r but we'll go with the scales. I think the battery may need changed as it's a couple of years old. But it was a nice one, any way ya look at it. We tried to get Dustin on a biggun but it just wasn't in the cards ... he caught a lot of nice fish anyhow. A finer young man you'll never find as this young man was courteous to a fault. I liked him immensely. Ray was rightly proud of him and his parents too as he'd informed me as to how much he thought of his Daughter and Son in law. It was a real pleasure for me, to get to know Ray and Dustin. 

Here's Ray with the biggest of the night at 25 lbs
You can see Dustin reeling in another one while we're taking the pic of Ray's fish

Ray's Grandson Dustin with hit PB at 8 lbs

Ray with a 10 lb 8 oz

Dustin with another PB 8 lbs 8 oz