Keystone Catfishing August 9, 2010

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Fished with Blaine, Ray and Joey this evening. Had a really good trip .. this top photo Ray was reeling one in while Joey was posing with his. They were trying to strike up a wager on the trip and Joey proudly says okay ... whoever catches the first biggest of the day. My brain instantly went into overload from the continual loop that statement created ... I said now Joey ... there's something wrong with that ... an 8 inch fish could be the first biggest of the day because if the first fish in the boat is 8 inches long it'd be the first biggest. hahaha I don't know if a wager was ever agreed upon but Ray caught the biggun of the evening at 26 lbs ... close second was Blaine with a 20 lb'r and Joey caught two around 13 to 14 lbs... was a really good trip ... nice weather ... we had a little mishap though ... almost sunk the boat hahaha... my automagic bilge pump wasn't automagicing and I parked the boat where the waves was allowing water to come over the transom into the automagic bilge pump hose and my stand-by pump wasn't punkin enough to keep up with that much water coming in. then my cranking battery quit me and all we had to swap the batteries out was a pair of pliers and needle nose but Joey got it did... I was sweating it until the motor fired right off with that TM battery and I asked um ... let's call it a night ... they allowed that was fine by them ... I was thinking that we was fittin to be stranded out there in the upper end of the lake and my pickup and trailer was parked a really long ways from where we were at. Big ole sigh of relief when that motor fired up. hahaha

Joey with the first biggest of the evening at 13 lbs

Blaine with the second biggest of the day at 20 lbs

Joey with the third biggest of the day at 13 lbs

Ray with the fourth biggest of the evening, 26 lbs

Total catch was 14 fish