Tiny's Fishing Photos August 9, 2014

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Fished with the Wood family today. Tim, Michele and Travis. Had a really great time .. weather was great... fishing was great after I figured them out on the previous trip. The wasn't stacked up like before but there were plenty of fish to be caught. Ended up catching 21 nice sized fish that equaled over 150 lbs. I designed a new rig for these low oxygen conditions that seemed to work really well too. I figured out a rig that I could cast normally but when it hit the water it would slide the baited hook up near the surface and it seemed to be working really well. I could only rig up 4 of these rigs as I didn't have enough beads to rig them all up like that but we managed to catch quite a few fish off the 4 new rigs. How I rigged it up was by tying a blood knot about a foot above the sinker loop and on top of that I had a bead then a doubled up float ... did that by sliding another float onto the long plastic dowel and then on top of that a bead then swivel that I tied the hook leader to. I made the hook leader about 8 to 10 inches long and then on top of the swivel I put another bead and then cut the leader about 5 ft then attached the 60 lb test leader onto my mainline with an albright knot so that it'd pass easily through the guides on my rods so with this rig I casted it out and when the float hit the water it'd slide the swivel/baited hook and beads up to the albright knot bringing the baited hook right up to the surface fishing in 4 ft deep water. It worked really well in the low oxygen situation we were dealing with.


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