Aug 12, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Fishin with my cousins again tonight. It was an experience with them boys out there in the boat ... wasn't no place to go that you could get away from them hahaha. Ole Dalt was turnin the fish loose and messin around with the reels while the fish were gettin off and everything else ... we almost hadda throw him in.
Tiny's Guide Service

This fish didn't end up on the stringer ... dalton throwed it back in ... well actually he pushed it when his dad dropped it on the front deck ... he started pushin on it and that little ramp on the front of the boat launched it into the air ... I think dalt is one of the peta type fellers cause he was sure helpin them fish out tonight.

Same fish as the second photo but we hadda get Donald's tattoos on camera. I think they're stick-ons.
This is what we ended up with before the storms ran us off ... we'd have had a pretty good mess if ole dalt wouldn't been letting all the fish get off and shoving them outta the boat hahaha.